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Prescription Drug Abuse: A Growing Problem

Every day, people are battling a growing problem worldwide: prescription drugs abuse. This battle encompasses people of all ages, genders, creed and color. From the high school student stealing a parent’s prescription pills to older adults who excessively use painkillers due to chronic pain, nobody is immune from falling under the spell of prescription drugs. Prescription drug abuse can ruin lives and families. Most addicts do not act like normal people and this can cause relationship problems with spouses, children and parents – although it is not unheard of to have a secret drug addiction for a long period of time. Normal people can easily become prescription drug abusers after painful accidents, recovery from surgery, or while treating mental illness. When users cannot renew their access to a drug, they must find it in less than legal ways which can lead to dangerous encounters or arrests. Fatal overdoses are also growing. According to the Center for Disease Control, th

Benefits of MD Saliva Screen: Oral Fluids Drug Test

MD Saliva Screen- Oral Fluids Drug Test Product Review Drug testing employees or candidates for employment can be pretty complicated, but with Medical Disposables’ Saliva Screen Oral Fluids Drug Test , drug testing can be quick and hassle free. This saliva drug test kit detects 10 different drugs and is extremely sensitive to THC, even at very low levels. This easy to use and easy to read test is perfect for staffing agencies that must screen candidates, and is also ideal for employers and home test use. How To Use The Saliva Rapid Test Cup To use this product, simply have the subject swab the inside his or her mouth and keep the swab inside until the indicator turns red, or up to seven minutes. Then place the donor’s sample into the provided cup, sponge first. It is important to make sure the test cup is resting on a flat surface, and that the subject has not consumed anything, even gum, in the ten minutes prior to the test. The easy to decipher test results can be read

Synthetic Marijuana and Prescription Abuse: A Teen Trend

 Children are precious, and parents long to protect their teens from danger.    During the teenage years children are likely to come into contact with drugs at school, with friends, or during extra-curricular activities. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 60% of teenagers admitted that they could readily access drugs at their high school campus. One of the lesser known teen drug abuse facts is that synthetic marijuana and prescription drugs are a growing trend. Teens have virtually the same access to these drugs as they do the more classic drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine. Teenagers are smart enough to realize that many common drug tests do not register these popular drugs. What Is Synthetic Marijuana Synthetic marijuana, known as “spice” or K2 to savvy users, is popular with young people and is still not illegal in many states, although it is surely banned from every school. It is made by coating plant materials, usually ones that have

Spice Drug Test Review

With the rise of synthetic marijuana products, also known as spice or K2, many employers and hiring agencies are understandably concerned with how they will detect the use of such drugs.  Despite synthetic marijuana being marketed as “safe” and legal, neither of those claims are true. Spice is a psychoactive herbal and chemical product that mimics the effects of marijuana and has the potential to be very harmful causing an array of mental problems. Because of this, it’s important for an employer to ensure that employees and job candidates are not using spice. The common assumption has been that the drug is difficult to detect using standard drug tests, and this is one key reason why there has been an increase in the consumption of spice in recent years.  Medical Disposables K2 / Spice Drug Test is an alternative to the traditional cannabis urine test. The K2/Spice Test is based on a specific immunochemical reaction between antibodies and antigens . The K2/ Spice Drug Test is des

How to Increase the Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Becoming pregnant may seem straightforward, but the process is actually more complex than one may expect. There are many factors at work – age of the individuals, sperm count, ovulation, etc. Fortunately, there are ways to increase your chances of becoming pregnant without drugs or medical intervention. The Ovulation Predictor The better you understand your ovulation cycle, the better the chances are that you’ll conceive. This is because ovulation has everything to do with whether or not and when a woman can get pregnant. Ovulation is when a mature egg is released (typically there’s only one) and moves down the fallopian tubes making itself available for fertilization. At the same time the uterine wall will also thicken in preparation of receiving a fertilized egg. Normally, the egg will be viable for about a day. If it isn’t fertilized, the egg and the uterus lining are shed in a process known as menstruation. Ovulation typically happens between days 11 and 21 of a woman

How Early Can You Detect Pregnancy?

Few things are as life-altering as becoming pregnant. When a woman thinks that she may be pregnant, the worst part is having to wait to find out for sure. Today, there’s an entire industry built around pregnancy tests. These tests differ in how they work, as well as in the sensitivity and accuracy of their readings. This has led many women to ask questions like, ‘how accurate are pregnancy tests’, ‘can I trust the results’, and ‘how early can you detect pregnancy with an at-home test’? Let’s first look at how pregnancy tests work before addressing their accuracy and how early you can test for pregnancy. How Pregnancy Tests Work Even the earliest pregnancy tests worked by analyzing hormone levels. In particular, these tests detected whether or not human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) was present. This type of test is still used today and operates in the same fashion.  When a fertilized egg attaches to the uterus, the developing placenta causes hCG to be released. The hormone t

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

Determining how long marijuana stays in the system depends on a number of variables, unique to every individual and different drug testing techniques. Are you a regular user or is marijuana use something that you engage with just on special occasions? Are you fit or do you carry extra weight? Is the test performed using your urine, saliva, blood, or hair? Whether you are wondering how long THC will stay in your system because you have a drug test coming up, want to educate your patients or clients, or are just curious, read on to learn more. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical in marijuana that drug tests measure, will vary in length of detection depending on the amount that is smoked, how often it is smoked, and the genetic makeup of the person. The only way to really know how long THC will be detectable in your body is to set up your own test. Marijuana is fat soluble meaning it is stored in the fat cells of the body. When smoked, THC enters the bloodstream within minutes.